York Story Slam

Glory Days - Grand Slam

February 4, 2018

Welcome to the York Story Slam podcast, where we feature select stories from our monthly open mic storytelling events in York, Pennsylvania.

On November 21, 2017, the ten winners from our monthly open mic story slams returned to compete for the title of Best Storyteller in York. We gathered at the beautiful Capitol Theatre in downtown York, and our storytellers took the stage to share their stories with a full house – more than double the audience at our monthly events.

Our theme for the evening was Glory Days. We heard stories of childhood holidays, high school experiences, like theatre performances and prom nights, and teenage misadventures.

Eileen Joyce won with her story about living through the glory days of grunge music. 

Eileen took home the trophy and bragging rights. Next up is Allison Witherow. Allison told the story of how her family’s Halloween celebration evolved over time.

Our final story on this month’s podcast comes from Matt McDunnell, who told us about a spectacular homemade Halloween costume from his childhood.


We’ve announced the themes for our 2018 season on our website. Tickets for our events are available there, too, and while you’re there, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter. You can also follow us on twitter at @yorkstoryslam, as well as on Facebook, and watch videos of all the stories from our events on our YouTube channel.

We hope to see you on stage soon! Thanks for listening.

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