York Story Slam

Dog Days

September 1, 2016
Welcome to the York Story Slam podcast, where we feature select stories from our monthly open mic storytelling events in York, Pennsylvania.

On August 16, 2016, 11 storytellers shared their stories with our audience at Holy Hound Taproom in downtown York. Our theme for the evening was Dog Days. We heard stories about man's best friend, about enduring heat waves, and about fond memories of childhood summers. Bryan R. Caine won with his story about how his dislike of dogs began, and how those feelings have evolved. Here’s Bryan.

Bryan earned a spot in our Grand Slam in November. Next up is Craig Milsten. Craig told us about covering baseball games when he worked as a sports reporter for the Washington Post.

Christopher Bahn told us the story of how his life changed after his aunt temporarily fostered some puppies.

Our final story on this month’s podcast comes from Dawn Cutaia, who told us about getting divorced, getting a Camaro, getting a much younger boyfriend, and eventually getting a dog. The boyfriend has just moved out of the area, and this is Dawn’s last York Story Slam before she moves out of state, too.

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Our podcast is produced with support from The Beer Ace. Find them at TheBeerAce.com. This episode comes to you with support from this month’s featured brewery partner, Roy-Pitz Brewing Company.

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